Friday, July 25, 2014


December 2005

On retainer to Prince Albert of Monaco

I provided Jean-Luc Allavena (the Prince's chief of staff) with a cryptographic cell phone for future communication.  

We gave one to the Prince, too, but he neglected to learn how to operate it—and, in any case, neglected to carry it with him.  

I possessed information from a reliable source that Thierry Lacoste had re-vamped his concept of creating a “kitchen cabinet,” whose true aim would be to wield influence from behind-the-scenes by those (Lacoste, Steven Saltzman) who maintained conflicts of interest.  

“We don’t need a kitchen cabinet,” said a bemused JLA.  “We’ve got areal one.  I’ll tell the Prince that I’ll leave if a kitchen cabinet is created.” 

“May they at least form a bathroom cabinet?” I joked.

Lacoste had just told JLA’s new cabinet communications director about his meetings in Los Angeles with lawyers representing Tamara Rotolo (the mother of the Prince's daughter, Jazmin), then instructed her not to tell JLA, which was not only insensitive, but plain stupid.  

It validated other stories doing the rounds about Lacoste’s indiscretion and incompetence.  

Lacoste had tried to launch a “think-tank conference” in Monaco and sent the Palace an invoice of one hundred and fifty thousand euros to foot the cost.  

JLA intended to speak to Lacoste later in the day—and to void the invoice and quash his plan for a “think-tank.”

So by now, Lacoste, among others, were sorry JLA had wound up as chief of staff.

The knives were being sharpened.

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